Learning Online is Not for Everyone

I took an online hybrid class, where I was actually going to class for one day a week and then taking a large part of the class online. It was so hard for me to admit but I thought that the class was really hard and I thought that it was insane with all the work that I had to do. I think that it was much harder online than it was in the classroom because the amount of work seemed like it was triple than the other classes that I had to take and www.computersciencehomeworkhelpers.com was so great for my computer science class but I did not think that they were going to be able to help me with my Spanish homework and the tutors that were in the tutor center told me that the class was a lot harder than it had to be and they did not do a lot to help me.

People will tell you that they learn differently and that is so true, I like to learn one on one and sit in a classroom and hear the teacher and see the teacher. I really need to feel that interaction, even if it meant that the teacher was going to have us see her online and use the camera. I think that is really one of the best things that I could ever know and see and I believe that is really important, not a lot of people realize the way that they learn. Too often, people have no idea what they are in for, and before it is too late they are in over their heads and it is too late to drop the class. I am lucky that I realize I had to say no to that class and drop it while I could.